Thursday, 16 August 2012

Call for papers, Leeds and Kalamzoo, and some costume patterns

International Medieval Congress Leeds 2013

Call for Papers/Sessions - International Medieval Congress 2013

Areas of discussion could include:
•  Diverging cultural attitudes toward pleasure
•  Pleasure in non-Christian contexts
•  Earthly pleasure versus spiritual pleasure
•  Visual and narrative representations of pleasure
•  Social and corporeal manifestations of pleasure
•  Pleasurable activities
•  Individual and collective experiences of pleasure
•  Prohibition and condemnation of pleasure
•  Chastity, celibacy, fasting, and abstinence
•  Love / sexuality / pleasures of the flesh - and their specific cultural expressions
•  Medical theories and approaches to pleasure
•  Mysticism, spirituality, and pleasure
•  Creating and/or experiencing pleasure
•  Entertainment and leisure
•  Humour and fun
•  Material culture and evidence of pleasure
•  Pleasure and luxury / cultural goods / worldliness
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The 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies – Kalamazoo MI, takes place May 9-12, 2013. The Call for Papers is now available.
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More info about the conference:

Free Costume patterns:

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